In accordance with the policy of the Archdiocese of Melbourne, a St Roch’s Parish Pastoral Council exists to enable the Parish Priest to obtain advice in relation to his pastoral activities within the Parish. Membership of the Council is by invitation by the Parish Priest and is limited to no fewer than six and no more than ten St Roch’s parishioners.

The Council may set up sub-committees, to be chaired by a member of Council, to advise it on matters of special pastoral concern. Other people, because of their particular expertise and competence, may be co-opted onto these sub-committees. Currently there are two standing committees, namely the Social Committee and the Liturgy Committee.

The objectives of the Council can be summarised as

  • Enhance the sense of community and support in the Parish
  • Promote discussion on issues facing our catholic faith in the twenty first century
  • Provide a means of ensuring cohesion, co-operation and sharing between the various groups working within the Parish

The Council will seek to achieve these objectives by:

  • Facilitating periodic discussion events on faith, social and cultural issues facing the Church community
  • Improving communication to parishioners and between Parish groups
  • Facilitating integration between the Parish school community and the wider Parish
  • Promote a range of focussed and affordable social activity such as wine and cheese nights, and parish dinners.

The following parishioners are currently members of the Council:


  • Dr Sybil Thomas-McLean [Chair]
  • Anna Robinson [Secretary]
  • Peta Taylor
  • Chris Gray
  • Luke Nichols
  • Peter Landers
  • Paul O’Brien
  • Francoise Borg
  • Judge Andrea Tsalamandris